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C.P. RedSun Agro
Company Reg. No: 0105547167044
Fertilizers Reg. No:127/2554
Rubber tree plant Reg No: Nor Sor. 7/2554

         C.P.Red Sun Agro Co., Ltd. was founded by a former of Permanent Secretary for Finance and a group of former academic agricultural department. Our business operation is now functioning by professional activities from many agricultural sectors such as fertilizers, plants and rubber tree equipment. Some management levels retired from a famous agricultural company in Thailand. Our factories are located in three provinces; each place is on an area of more than 70 acres. The capacity is to produce organic and chemicals fertilizer more than 200,000 tons per year.

We are a manufacturer produces such as organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer and soil conditioner moreover, agricultural equipment and seeds of rubber tree plant
Produce raw materials from the fermentation of various organic substances.
High quality required for humus more than 50,000 tons a year for organic fertilizer.

         Continuously, our teamwork is including a technical and academic staff both having more knowledge and experience for a long time with agricultural organization in Thailand. We also connect with domestic and oversea market and invest in research and development for all products. The company has been success cooperation with foreign and domestic business partnership because we offer a good compatible price and good quality not only Thai but also International customers.

In 2004-Present C.P. RedSun Agro..,Ltd.
          Organic Fertilizer : RedSun Brand(Tawandang)
          Soil conditioner (Silica and Dolomite)
          Rubber Tree equipment
          Rubber trees plantation (Seeds production)
Collaborative Organizations in Thailand
          Bank for agriculture and agricultural Co-operative
          TABCO:Thai Agri-Business Co.,Ltd
          Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Co.,Ltd
Untitled Document C.P.Red Sun Agro Co., Ltd. 729/1 Prayasuren Road Banchan Klongsamwa Bangkok THAILAND 10510
Phone : 662-919-3295 Fax :662-919-3296
Direct Line: 66-81-848-2994 E-mail: siamagro@hotmail.com , kiwiunsw@msn.com